Loungin’ with Wondaboy- one of Nigeria’s next best music sensations.

July 13, 2013


Now, here’s one dude with incredible appetite for doing music, with great determination to succeed in the music industry. Born Blessed Edewor, his music creativity inspired several producers to call him wonder, which thereby gave rise to the name WONDABOY. Want to know what’s wondrous about him? come along, let’s take you into a wonder world and go Loungin’ with Wondaboy!

LOUNGIN’: hmm, Wondaboy…you remember the super heroine comic and TV series of Wonder Woman, right?


LOUNGIN’: Good… recently, Nigeria’s Pop diva, Omawumi seems to have assumed the Wonder woman of our time, as depicted on her first album (album name), so, should we assume you’re the male version of the Wonder world?

WONDABOY: Not exactly.

LOUNGIN’: Ok….so, what inspired the name Wondaboy?

WONDABOY: My style is wondrous, in every aspect. The way I come up with melodies, song ideas, and musical arrangements amazes producers and they often say “you are just a wonder” – and the name was born.

LOUNGIN’: oh, I see… meaning, you weren’t born Wondaboy, huh? So, what’s the Wondaboy’s real name?

WONDABOY: My parents named me Blessed Edewor.

LOUNGIN’: uh uhn, on the music scene, you are Wondaboy and at home you are Blessed Edewor, should we assume it’s the same personality or Wondaboy is a different person?

WONDABOY: Yes, I would have to say that I have two distinct personalities housed in one person. Wondaboy is bold, brazen, very stylish, energetic and loves to entertain. He is a rock star and the life of a party. Blessed is very laid back, cool and quiet. He spends most of his time listening to or creating music.

LOUNGIN’: oh yeah? So, what state and tribe are you from?

WONDABOY: I am from Delta State and my tribe is Urhobo.

LOUNGIN’: hmmm, urhobo wa’do! Hehehe…. Ok, would we be right if we call your brand of music, Afro-pop?

WONDABOY: I love music so much and I am extremely versatile so I prefer not branding or categorizing my style of music. I just make great music for everyone to enjoy.

LOUNGIN’: okay, would say you said so. Hehehehe. What inspired your song, “Before then” with Ghanaian artist, Sarkodie ….and how were you able to get Sarkodie on that?

WONDABOY: “Before Then” was not really a planned or pre-conceived record. It was one of the spur of the moment tracks that got created while vibing in the studio. I was actually really sick when I recorded that song, but I made it in just one night and I just thank God it turned out so well. My career is overseen by Lilian Blankson of LNB Entertainment. She introduced me to Sarkodie while we were in Ghana. He listened to the track & loved it and the rest as they say, is history. Big shout out to the homie Sarkodie for being a part of it.

Wondaboy and Ghanaian music sensation, Sarkodie

Wondaboy and Ghanaian music sensation, Sarkodie

LOUNGIN’: Aside “Before Then” and your recent feature on Kenyan Hip-Hop group, Camp Mulla, which other songs do you have out there?

WONDABOY: I actually have several other tracks like “Overload” and “Downlow” that were released late last year and got a little radio play. I also recorded a song entitled “I Love You” which was my cover of Omawumi’s song “Stay Alive.” That song has become a crowd favorite and I enjoy performing it a lot. Then for Valentine’s Day, I released two love songs; “Me and You” and “No One like You” which the ladies seem to love a lot. Finally, I have some really dope tracks that are dropping in just a few weeks. All my songs can be found online on my hulkshare account: http://www.hulkshare.com/IAMWONDABOY

LOUNGIN’: Oh, that’s great. What kind of music did you grow up listening to and which album could you be caught listening to when you are not listening to your own songs?

WONDABOY: Growing up, I listened to a lot of my Dad’s old skool Nigerian Highlife records and soft rock music on the radio. Currently, I listen to a lot of Fela and Bob Marley as well as Soul music, especially India Arie, Musiq Soulchild, Sam Cooke and many others.

LOUNGIN’: wow, you got soul, brother. Finally meeting a Nigerian Artist that likes Sam Cooke, he was a great vocalist, one of a kind. May he continue to rest in peace. So, which artists inspire you globally, and in Nigeria?

WONDABOY: In Nigeria, I would have to say Fela is my biggest Inspiration. Outside of Nigeria, I love the music of Chris Brown, Frank Ocean, Jason Derulo, Movado, Bruno Mars, Miguel and many others that really inspire me.

Boy Wonda up the wall

Boy Wonda up the wall

LOUNGIN’: Which are your top five Nigerian albums in this decade (2003 – 2013) so far and why?

WONDABOY: 2Face; Face 2 Face (2004) – ground breaking and really ahead of it’s time. I loved that album. Wande Coal; Mushin 2 MO ‘Hits (2009) – Really amazing voice & excellent vocal delivery, awesome music. Mo’ Hits All Star Album (2007) – So many awesome tracks in there with their vibe and energy was so addictive. M.I; Let’s Talk About It (2008) – It was a rap sensation and brought a very different energy to the industry. It was exciting and just truly great music. Tiwa Savage; Once Upon A Time (2013) – Highly anticipated and every bit worth the wait. It is a master piece of absolutely brilliant music.

LOUNGIN’: which artists would you like to have a collabo with in the Nigerian music industry? Or any collabo, yet?

WONDABOY: I would have to say 2Face Idibia. I look up to his music a lot and I think I have a song he would be perfect for.

LOUNGIN’: It’s all good. When should we be expecting your debut album?

WONDABOY: By God’s grace, my album should be out some time next year. I don’t want to rush the release. I’d like to make sure that the music is just right and that I have the best selection for my fans. Having recorded over 30 tracks already, I’m still making music right now so that I have a wide selection to choose from, to aid in determining exactly which songs will make it on to the album.

LOUNGIN’: cool. What else besides music do you love doing?

WONDABOY: I love traveling to see the world but if I weren’t doing music, I wouldn’t be alive. I was truly born to do music because it is 100% of who I am.

LOUNGIN’: Uhh uhhn? What’s your view on the Nigerian Music Industry?

WONDABOY: The industry is doing amazingly well at the moment. It’s come such a long way and I think it will grow to epic proportions.

LOUNGIN’: yeah, we think so too. Have you ever had a crush on any female artist, if yes, who and when? It’s a sin to be shy up in here o, so tell the truth and shame the devil.…hahahahahahah

WONDABOY: hahahaha…well, when I was much younger, I had a crush on Genevieve Nnaji like most Nigerian men did. Other than her, I have not had crush on any particular female artist in the industry, but I admire and respect them all.

LOUNGIN’: hmmm… So, how are you handling your female fans and how do you hope on doing this when you become big in the industry? Because the number of female fans (don’t want to use the word, Groupie) is bound to increase….

WONDABOY: I have a great appreciation for my female fans because they truly love my music. I am really grateful that I am making music that they love and I try my best to always thank them for that. I will always be a gentleman regardless of how big my stardom becomes. I was raised to be a gentleman and that is who I will remain.

LOUNGIN’: hmm? Time will prove your statement, ahahahaha….So, What record label are you signed to?

WONDABOY: I am signed to LNB Entertainment and I have created my own label which is Ear Candy Music. Because I write and co-produce all my songs, I wanted to make sure that I had ownership of them so we decided to launch my own label.

LOUNGIN’: that’s good, like your spirit. Any word for the Nigeria music lovers? What should they be expecting from you soon?

WONDABOY: I am very humbled and grateful for all the love and support. My fans inspire me and mean the world to me. Just keep listening and know that 2013 is going to be an epic year for my career. I am committed to making amazing music that everyone will enjoy so just watch out for me.

LOUNGIN’: Aight….Thank you.

WONDABOY: Thank you for expressing an interest in my brand.

LOUNGIN’: you’re welcome, brother. One love.

Want to see how Wondaboy rocks the stage? Watch out for the upcoming event, LOUNGIN’.

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  2. […] Loungin’ with Wondaboy- one of Nigeria’s next best music sensations. […]

  3. […] Loungin’ with Wondaboy- one of Nigeria’s next best music sensations. (loungin2013.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Loungin’ with Wondaboy- one of Nigeria’s next best music sensations. […]

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